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Zerglings Don't Always Win... by dragon-the-imagineer Zerglings Don't Always Win... :icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 1 0 Roses are... blue? by dragon-the-imagineer Roses are... blue? :icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 0 0 Making Mario by dragon-the-imagineer Making Mario :icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 0 1 The Imagineer by dragon-the-imagineer The Imagineer :icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 0 5 rose by dragon-the-imagineer rose :icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 2 3
3rd of 'visioneer's tale'
  All is calm on the edge of the forest. Not one bird stirs, everything is either asleep or sheltering from the rain that falls, hard as hammers, ringing out against the plants like machine gun fire.
  Out of the darkness, a shape looms. It rapidly becomes a red blur, and blazes into the forest.
  At eye level, a trail of golden light glimmers before disappearing into the night.
  Calm returns.
  Then, a few minutes later, four figures follow, at a slower speed, one blue, one silver-grey, one red and one black.
  Fifteen minutes earlier...
Greg stormed out into the night, leaving SR confused and slightly bewildered.
“What just happened?” she murmured to no one in particular, still staring at the open door.
“No idea,” that was Silver, just as dazed as she by his sudden action. In the background the sound of a door bashing against the wall as it was thrown open could be heard, along with the sound of running
:icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 1 3
2nd of 'Visioneer's Tale'
  "Hey, S!"
   It was the next morning and SR was sitting eating her breakfast in the kitchen as Silver ran in, and nearly hit the wall opposite as he ran into the room. S looked up as he managed to stop himself. She noticed he seemed to be worried.
  "S'up, Silv?" queried SR, her mouth half full with cereals.
  "I can't find Tanya anywhere.""Good God, you're still not mad about her beating you so badly?"
  "No," said Silver, coldly, "I just couldn't find her at all, not even in her favourite sunbathing spot. She always goes there to warm up before a long day."
  " Hmm... Can't say I've seen her anywhere." S replied, as Sonic sped into the room. He glanced over.
  "Watcha guys doin'? Talking about me?" grinned Sonic.
  S and Silver folded their arms and said in unison, "In your dreams!"
  Sonic shrugged, smiling. "Meh, can't win 'em all. So, what were you guys talking about?"
:icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 1 1
1st of 'Visioneer's Tale'
Chapter 1 – The Book of Souls
By Dragon-the-imagineer
  Tanya leaned back gloating. Yet another win for the scoreboard. So far, she was beating Silver fifteen nil on super smash bros. melee.
   "Face it, Silver," she purred, "you're no match for a master like me."
  "I just can't win!" Silver bawled. "You must be cheating!"
  Tanya smirked, "You're just jealous" she had to turn away just to stop laughing. In truth she had cheated, if only enough of her hypnotic mesmer to slow his reactions. She yawned loudly.
  "Well, unless you can put up a better fight, I'm of to bed. Smell ya later!" she giggled, as she got up. Smiling still as she went, she made for the kitchen to grab something for the night, when something caught her eye.
   Greg had left his door ajar.
  This itself would not be unusual, if you didn't know the person who owned the room. Greg rarely let the rest of the housemates into h
:icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 1 4
Birth of the universe
Darkness. Not the typical black darkness, but true darkness,a black swirling mass, tinged with streaks of blue so dark the casual onlooker (had there been one) would be fooled into thinking there was only black.
Amidst the chaos, a shape looms... no, two shapes. Birds, lit from within by their internal fires.
One phoenix glows brightly in all shades of red, yellow, orange and white. As it moves, a faint noise can be heard, one minute happy laughter, the next cheers and elated shouting. It is the essence of the Good side of the universe.
The other is more sinister, made of all the shades on blue, black and purple. As it moves, the sound it makes flits from crying to gunshots to cries for help. It is the essence of the Bad side of the universe.
In that one endless moment, they arc away from each other, then soar head-on into each other, creating a colossal explosion. This echoes outwards, creating new space, but with elements to occupy it. Thus the universe begins, as an amalg
:icondragon-the-imagineer:dragon-the-imagineer 1 1


YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU by JWiesner YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 1,643 250
Heart Cry
Can feel it dancing in my chest, singing in my heart and flashing through my mind. Something too elusive, too wily to suppress; even sleep only settles it, until it can wake and begin its ritual once more.
It is not unfamiliar, but it is newborn. Never something I felt before; a stranger in my midst, something my mind has yet to harness.
I should not blame it. It is naive, shrouded in the dark cloak but birthed in golden bright. It wishes not to harm me; so childlike it seems, unable to understand that its advice only pains me.
It makes my heart howl like a silent wolf. Allows my mind to paint masterpieces, of past and futures yet to come. Old memories held dear, remembered constantly so not to lose such treasure.
Love. Freedom. I understand them now. I drank in their blessings giddily; we both did. Freedom let love play, let it be nurtured in our hearts. It wasn't the love born out of the partial appearances, where we would linger together for long as we had before we'd separate to re
:iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 0
Quiet Stormy Night
Greg looked out on the storm engulfing Corimanth. Being a port city, it had to contend with numerous storms rolling in, usch as this, unimaginatively called 'sea storms'. They were not as powerful as hurricanes, but were fully capable of killing anyone wandering around outside, yet only made buildings sway and dislodged roof tiles.
Being a Visionier, Greg had foreseen this event and warned the major of the city, known as Trevor McArnold.
Trevor was a black human, and one whom saw anthros as equals, and deeply respected the Heroes of Corimanth. When others complained of him taking Greg's advice and not theirs, he had to lie through his teeth not let slip that Greg was a Visionier, sometimes in Greg's hearing. Always after though, he profusely apologised, making him a reliable and trustworthy friend for the Heroes.
Lightning shot brightly through the inky night, thunder rumbling like battlefield drums, whilst the wind made the rain lash savagely against the house. It would be a long and
:iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 0
Shadow Rider's eyes flickered open at the sun's touch. She grunted, rolled over and attempted to settle back down to sleep, an arm sliding lazily out from under the cosy duvet, dangling like a limp rag.
"Ge'rrup." She grumbled to herself, hauling her slim frame up from her pit. Casting a weary eye on the calender facing the bed, she noted the date.
The anthro rubbed her eyes, looked again, then swore, throwing off the covers and quickly stealing rights to one of the bathrooms in the mansion, much to the other residents' dismay, who proceeded to quarrel over the two remaining ones.
Over breakfast, they discussed their activities for the day.
"I'm going to the festival. S'a big thing, and I have to go and make sure people aren't trying to hurts themselves. Anyone else coming?" SR asked.
"Me and Silver can't, SEGA wants us for some game or other..." Sonic grunted, Silver nodding.
"Why today? Surely they know the festival is very important to this city!" Tikal exclaimed, puzzled.
"Big comp
:iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 2 0
Unknown Treasure
A cool wind blew through the city of Corimanth. The lights that bled from the buildings and skyscrapers masked the stars, and the absence of the population wandering the streets meant it was vaguely quiet.
Akeelah strolled through the gloomily lit streets, the lamps glowing a weak orange. The eagle anthro took little walks in the street at night, as it was often that she rarely slept. Memories of the past or worries for the future commonly haunted any dreams she tried to have. So these meanderings were to calm her mind and help sleep.
Not far away was perched an anthro magpie. His black feathers blended in well with the dark, although his cover was ruined by whenever light danced on his metallic blue green streaks on his head or arms. He peered at the pendent he held in his hand; a silver dragon, holding in the middle a smooth green gem, reminiscent of a tear.
The bird wondered why it had told him to come here. There was nothing of interest here, and any shifty characters were elsewher
:iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 1
Pan -  before he was fat by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Pan - before he was fat :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 4 0 Shamoosh n' Happy by Tami6677 Shamoosh n' Happy :icontami6677:Tami6677 54 82 Shadow Rider by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Shadow Rider :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 7 Greg by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Greg :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 2 0 Light in your claw by DrakainaQueen Light in your claw :icondrakainaqueen:DrakainaQueen 327 51 Romance, of course... by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Romance, of course... :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 5 Zander by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Zander :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 0 Vipress by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Vipress :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 2 15 Marco by Shadow-Phoenix-Rider Marco :iconshadow-phoenix-rider:Shadow-Phoenix-Rider 1 0


  • Listening to: the fountain next door and the birds in the trees.
  • Reading: some of my notes around my doodles.
  • Watching: You Don't Mess With the Zohan
  • Playing: Dragons of Atlantis
  • Eating: choccy!
  • Drinking: a cup of tea. How very English...
Well, folks, I'm back from another slump in DeviantArt activities dues to a combination of University life... and my own lazyness. ^_^ Yes, I'm back to attampt a load more "art" before I hit another wall of writer's block or artist's block or whatever, and before September too (when I go back to University).

Unfortunately, one of my oldest projects, the Visioneer saga, will be discontinued, for a few reasons, namely that for one thing the plot has been getting altogether too unbelievable, even for fantasy writing's standards, and also that myself and Shadow-Phoenix-Rider have decided to move away from the "Sonic the Hedgehog"-esque writings and drawings we've done in the past.

Fortunately though, this frees up the position of main project for other ideas to take it's place. What these will be, I've no idea yet, but SPR and I, in our frequent chats, have come up with the suggestion that I do more romance writing, as I seem to have at least a little skill with it. I plan to continue with the montage piece I started what seems like years ago, certainly.

Well, that's about it, except to say that if you think I've not been churning out enough "art" over this summer. feel free to message me any suggestions you have, and I'll consider them, and maybe do some of them if they're good enough.


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